Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blossom's Cheater Cobbler

Are you ever sitting there watching a good TV show, and someone in the family says..."I want something sweet.  What do we have?"  and you as the mom, think "Well I don't have anything because I am on a diet and have purged all sweet things from the house."....almost all sweet things. 

Well the below picture is of a dessert I have developed, redeveloped, repurposed, changed and made it from just about anything in the house.  What is it?  My cheater cobbler. 

This is the start of some blogs I will share periodically called Blossom's Cheater Recipes.  I very seldom follow a daughter gave me a recipe the other day and said, "mom, please follow the sounds really good".  I didn't have the heart to tell her I didn't follow it...but she liked it anyway!

Sometimes my Cheater Recipes are just a solution to a need for something quick and easy but yummy or to go to someones house like my Cheater Cake that I bought at the store on the way to her house then made it in 5 minutes using her microwave.  And then there is the full fledged Cheater Meals.  Cheater recipes are always about what do I have in the house that I can make yippee skippee!  So, visit periodically for a new or old Cheater Recipe concoction.

Anyway, back to the cobbler.  How do you make it?  Simple.  Start with Bisquick.  I ALWAYS have Bisquick in the house.  If you don't know what it is, buy a box at the store and start with the recipes on the back.  I have a know who you are...who had never used Bisquick. 

Here's the recipe:   take 1 and 1/4 cup of Bisquick and 1 Cup of milk, I use 2% milk.  Whisk/Stir the 2 ingredients.  Once mixed add in some sugar, heck if I know how much to  tell you maybe 2/3 of a cup.  I don't measure the sugar.  My husband likes it sweet so I add quite a bit of sugar.  Now set that aside.

In a skillet put some butter (you got it...i don't measure) maybe 3 tablespoons, sliced apple (4 small apples that weren't ones anyone would eat) with the skin removed and fresh blueberries,  a little vanilla extract, some sugar mixed with some cinnamon.  Cook until tender and bubbly, I don't like alot of liquid, and I don't like the apples real crunchy, so I cooked it down some.  Then you dump the apple/blueberry mix into the Bisquick bowl and stir slightly, don't mix completely, you want the batter to stay a little white when it cooks.

Dump this into a glass cooking dish sprayed with Pam.   Place the dish in the oven at 350 degrees.  I would say cook for about 20 minutes then go into it with a spoon and see it is still shows alot of batter.  If it does keep it cooking until it is more like cobbler when you go to the bottom.  My husband likes it with ice cream but I very seldom have ice cream in the house. 

Options if you don't have apples and blueberries.  You could pretty much use any fresh fruit.  Might need to cook it down a little and get some of the juiciness cooked out.  I want to try peaches sometime, haven't had a chance but I bet they are good!

Another option and this one is the original recipe and really, really easy.  I had a can of cherry pie filling.  So make this slightly different.  Spray the baking dish with Pam.  Dump the can of pie filling (any kind) into the dish, then pour the same Bisquick mixture (Bisquick, milk and sugar) as above over the top of the filling.  Stick it in the oven and bake.  Easy smeasy!!!   Sometimes I add a pat of butter to the top while it is cooking and sprinkle some sugar across the top.

I have yet to try this recipe with something chocolatey like Cocoa Powder which I always have in the house...but I have an idea starting in my head that I will have to try.

Lastly, serve it in a pretty dish like I did above with some  old real silver (well silverplated).  By the way, all my silver pieces were picked up at yardsales.

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