Sunday, March 11, 2012

Green: Re-purposed Baby Dresser

The picture below is of a cabinet I bought a couple years ago at a thrift store for $40.00.  It sat in my storage area for a year before I decided where I wanted to put it.  This has been a bare spot since we built the house and the cabinet fell right into place in this spot.

This sits near my kitchen and now contains my tableclothes, napkins, paper plates, etc in the drawers.  Before this cabinet, my tablecloths etc. were stored in a variety of places.  Now they are in one location which makes accessing how I want to set up a table so much easier.


The door area which is where baby clothes would hang,  I keep doggie treats and hide candy from the family in this section...guess they will know where the candy is now....

I haven't maximized this space yet, but when I find a shelving unit with a couple of shelves, my plan is to make this space even more useable. But I like to organize and decorate in stages and over time you will see how I BlossomStyle my life and my families life!

The only negative about this cabinet which sits at my back door, is that it is a landing point for keys, mail....chewing gum....oh my stars you name it, I have found it laying here by either my hubby or daughter and OK...I confess.. me as well.  So that is the next yard sale or thrift store find I am looking for, something that looks nice but that can sit here and collect some of the junk of everyday life.

Watch for my next posting....I'll give you some better shots of the pretties on top of this dresser and tell you a little about them.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Going Green...Re-do It or Repurpose with Style!!

My good friend Laurie and I went on a green journey a couple years back.  We both had a desire to understand the green world  and oh my did we learn alot, to this day we amaze ourselves at the amount of information and knowledge we gained.  Can you imagine... we even researched how fast bamboo grows pretty dang fast by the way....

What I found during that journey is something I have been doing for years and years that was green which was re-purposing or re-doing something that was from the past or a yard sale find.

Something else Laurie and I are good at is organizing so this first blog co-post (is co-post a real word?)  is us sharing an aspect of our green journey together.  The next couple of blogs are about buying  or receiving something and re-using it and then integrating it into your life and then using it as a place to organize.

Here's Lauries co-post first...I'll post mine later this week.  FYI....bureau for those who don't recognize a New Yorker's word is the same as a my New Yorker buddies accent!!

We needed to replace our dining room china closet. The one we had was too large for the space and did not have the the type of storage we needed. Evelyn gave me the idea to use a bureau instead of a conventional dining room piece. We had a bureau (1930's with original hardware) that worked perfectly. We painted it gloss white and sprayed the hardware with brushed nickel. The piece came out beautifully. 

The two top smaller drawers are used for serving utensils and I have used the larger drawers for our tablecloths, place mats and other linens. The room feels much more roomier and I am thinking of finding a piece of granite to set on top of the bureau for some color.

The following are a great couple of pics of the the hardware.  Laurie & Jim did a great job!

Thanks Laurie for sharing, join us later this week for another posting in this series...Hope you enjoyed!