Wednesday, October 10, 2012


What do I want out of life?  Many things....  Dreaming big and dreaming small...regardless of which one you do, dreaming and aspiring is so important.  Is it a bucket list or is it just a want list?  Is it tied up in who I am?  Does it give you joy to dream or does it make you melancholy for what you don't have now?  Do I have the gumption to think big and to not just assume it is outside my reach?  Do you just settle for what is there or do you keep reaching or pushing yourself to the next step?  Do the everyday stresses of life, spill over into your dreams and prevent you from pursuing them?  How do you find the balance and the reality to make your dreams come true? 

In my opinion, dreams keep us engaged in life and keep us looking for the next step.  Till the day I die, I want to be dreaming and thinking about what I can do next.  I don't want to have a bucket list that isn't continously full.   But the difficulty is finding the balance to live your everyday the way you need to and weaving the dreams and the steps to make those dreams come true into your everyday life.  

This blog was one of those wants, it has been slow to progress, but thats ok, its ultimately for me and anyone that wants to join this journey. 

Back a couple months ago, my family and I drove to Charlottesville, Va. which is the home of the University of Virginia.  Our intent was to leave and stay at a lake close by but the weather prevented us from getting away like we wanted to...traffic was a nightmare and when you have a husband that fishes for a living, you have to take care of boats, in our case 2 that particular day.  Anyway, so we arrived in Charlottesville late on our first vacation day and decided to skip the lake.  On our second day, we drove up to Monticello for a tour.  Oh what a glorious spot, it is so beautiful up there.  For those of you that don't know...with my following of 2..I am sure you do...anyway, Monticello was home to Thomas Jefferson.  He was a true visionary and I can only imagine what his bucket list contained until the day he died.  His home is full of inventions or ideas he took from visits overseas and he weaved them into his home.   The amount of "things" he did everyday would blow you away.  His writings alone were incredible. He had a chair he would write in and on the arms he attached candle holders so that he could see better.  He didn't have a copy machine but  he had this gadget (my word) that essentially attached 2 pencils together, one he wrote with and the other one wrote at the same time he did so that he would have 2 versions of everything he wrote.  He was so full of life and seemed to cram everything he possibly could into his life, in my opinion, no grass grew under his feet.  That's what I want to figure out how to do, cram the fun stuff into my life and let go of some of the less fun stuff that brings me down.

Now, how do I do that????


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