Monday, January 16, 2012

Three day MLK Weekend Purging

Well, my 3 day weekend from my regular job was fabulous...well fabulous if you like purging.  It started with my daughters room where we cleaned closets and drawers. She had 3 years of clothes and toys that she has outgrown, as she has now reached the teens.  I then moved to my room and purged the same and then moved to the spare room, living room closet and the kitchen.  It was liberating...I had been accumulating 30 years worth of odds and ends.  I was surprised to find my original comforter from my first apartment years and years ago.    To give you a perception of how much "stuff" I let go, I have an Escape....took 2 trips with the back seat and trunk jam packed to the thrift store, 1 large box to ship to mom with a tea set and stuffed animals for friends who play Santa at Xmas and I set aside some items for my booth...who would have known a mirror and pictures that I will never use were in the closet and under the bed....I had completely forgotten they even existed!   I still have a large mound of jewelry to assess that was my daughters.  Time to let go....and make room for new treasures.  

Now I know today's post isn't beautiful with pics and full of knowledge about repainting or repurposing yet, but sometimes, you have to take time out and eliminate, re-adjust, make room and organize for the next steps.  That is what I am doing, putting the next steps in place in building this blog...seems weird that purging is part of that but it is...sometimes, clearing the mind isn't just about refreshing the mind but it's also about moving the clutter out of your life.  Thats what I did this weekend, de-clutterd my home and my mind....

Let me share a picture of another purchase back in the  summer of a 40's buffet for yes....a whopping $10.00, gosh I love a good deal!   I chose not to paint as I love the old bakelite handles....I put this in my living room just before Thanksgiving and have really been enjoying the patina of old stain and the two tones.  It is just the right height.  My living room has become more focused on antiques without being painted.  As you start to see my house, you will see, I love it all, I have determined that I am very eclectic anymore.  I used to lean more towards one style but as I grow older, I love the diversity in the home....seems like you always have something different to look at.   We inherited the TV from my husbands uncle and the old TV cabinet was too small so I started lookin over some of my purchases from this year and said, nope this one isn't leaving, its staying and in my opinion is just perfect!

Notice I pulled out a drawer and set it on the floor underneath and it has magazines in it and I stained the shelf  where the drawer was and it now houses the the cable box and DVD player.  I am still working on some of the pretties to sit underneath to give it a more finished look.  When that is complete, I will share.  You know a home is never just keep adding and layering and make it even more beautiful and homey!

Well, I hope you all have a fabulous week, I will be posting again soon... I haven't decided yet on what yet....but I will keep it interesting and different....Thanks for checking in at BlossomStyled!!!

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