Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lamps Revamped...redone...

Picked up these 2 beaut's back in the summer at a yard sale.  Revamped them for future use or might sell them to someone who is looking for a change...just depends on whether I can part with them!  The wood tones were 80's style...see for yourself below.

Sorry, for the window reflection,my kitchen counter and the whatnot around...note to self--goal for future blogs is better picture taking!   LOL...all in the fun of learning the blog world.  Now this was nice pre-fixed up but with some cream colored paint and some AS wax, it prettied up quite nicely for those of us that love Shabby Chic. 

It didn't take me very long to paint with my handy dandy sprayer, then I used some fine steel wool to smooth her out, applied the AS wax and lickedty split with maybe 30 minutes work, I had my 2 new beauties.  The shades were picked up separately at another yard sale for 50 cents a piece.  What a steal they were!

Hope you enjoyed this blog!  At least my one follower...which is my daughter and my friend in NY who can't figure out how to add herself as a know who you are...have the boys figured it out for you yet.  LOL!!!

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